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Our favorite experts in the Keto lifestyle space.

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert and best selling author of Keto, Keto Instant Pot, The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, The Carnivore Cookbook, Keto Restaurant Favorites, Keto Comfort Foods and Keto Air Fryer. Maria has coached thousands to a healthier lifestyle and now runs her own Keto Coach Certification program. Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her around the World speaking about ketogenic diets.

Ben Azadi, FDN-P

Ben is on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle. Ben is the author of 3 best-selling books, The Perfect Health Booklet, The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet, and The Power of Sleep.  Ben is known as ‘The Health Detective’ because he investigates dysfunction, and educates, not medicate, to bring the body back to normal function. Ben is the host of the top 15 Keto Kamp Podcast where he discusses ancient healing strategies such as fasting and the ketogenic diet.

Mindy Pelz, D.C.

Dr. Mindy Pelz, D.C is a best selling author, keynote speaker, nutrition and functional medicine expert who has spent over two decades helping thousands of people successfully reclaim their health. She is a recognized leader in the alternative health field and a pioneer in the fasting movement, teaching the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, hormones, and more. Her popular YouTube channel combines the latest science with practical lifestyle tools every person can use to reset their health. She is the host of one of the leading science podcasts, The Resetter Podcast, and the author of three best-selling books; The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen.

Tro Kalayjian, D.O.

Dr. Tro Kalayjian is a board certified physician practicing internal and obesity medicine, with a focus on diabetes, hypertension and lipid management. His focus is on implementing lifestyle and dietary modifications whenever possible. Dr. Tro Kalayjian, himself, has lost over 150lbs and has also worked with over countless patients with weight loss, diabetes, and hypertension through remote consultations via tele-medicine equipment and software. Dr. Tro has published research in the fields of Binge-Eating, Food Addiction, Severe Hyptriglyceridemia using therapeutic ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting.such as fasting and the ketogenic diet.

Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, CEO and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, and international speaker, with over 9.6 million views for her second TEDx talk (Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique). With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and nutritional health, and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show. She was listed in Yahoo Finance as one of the, “21 Founders Changing the Way We do Business.” Cynthia hosts the Everyday Wellness podcast, considered one of "21 Podcasts To Expand Your Mind in 2021” by Business Insider. Her mission is to educate women on the benefits of intermittent fasting and overall holistic health and wellness, so they feel empowered to live their most optimal lives.

Temple Stewart

temple stewart
Temple Stewart is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in low-carb/ketogenic diets. She graduated from the University of Tennessee before starting her career at the Veteran's Affairs hospital in Bay Pines, Florida. After 3 years working as a Clinical Dietitian, Temple started her own private practice specializing in the ketogenic diet. Motivated by her own journey of reversing PCOS, losing 40 pounds, and getting pregnant naturally, Temple helps women all over the world take back control over their health and hormones. You can find her on Instagram, TikTok & Spotify as @The.Ketogenic.Nutritionist.

Robert Sikes

Robert is a lifetime natural, competitive bodybuilder. He started training as a junior in high school weighing a whopping 115 pounds. In the beginning, he followed traditional, “bro-dieting” wisdom which consisted of eating 6 or 7 meals a day filled with carbohydrates and very high protein. This nutritional protocol led to a downward spiral of health issues and disordered eating. After his third bodybuilding competition, Robert decided to try something new and began experimenting with a high fat, strict ketogenic approach to bodybuilding. He formulated his own approach to contest prep nutrition leveraging keto and earned his pro-status with bodybuilding in 2017.
He has since dedicated his life to learning and teaching others the benefits of following a well formulated, ketogenic lifestyle. The lessons learned led to his creation of the Keto Brick, a 1,000 calorie, ketogenic performance meal. Robert now works alongside his wife Crystal and their amazing team to continually create content and add a ton of value within this community. His mission is, and will continue to be, empowering others to believe in themselves and truly tap into their full potential by optimizing their body and mind.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, is best selling author of The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16. Dr. Anna is triple-board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She holds special certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She lectures frequently on these topics throughout the world to large audiences and is known nationally as The Girlfriend Doctor and is host of The Girlfriend Doctor show. She has personally developed natural products to help women balance hormones and thrive through menopause including the highly acclaimed Julva® cream for the vulva and MightyMaca® Plus, a powerful superfood blend. She now lives in Dallas with her daughters, horses and dogs.

Dorian Greenow

In 2015, Dorian weighed 210 pounds, was constantly tired, on anti-depressants, and had nearly all the markers for metabolic syndrome. He and his wife, Gemma, embarked on the ketogenic lifestyle, began monitoring their glucose and ketones, and dialing in their nutrition choices. Within six months, Dorian had lost 47 pounds, came off all medications, and finally got his mojo back. The Ketogenic lifestyle changed their lives and they wanted to give back. However, ketone testing was expensive at $4-$5 a strip.  In 2017, Dorian successfully launched Keto-Mojo, lowering the cost of ketone testing  99 cents a strip, offering the first affordable, accurate blood glucose and ketone testing meter with a lifetime guarantee. Keto-Mojo continues to lower the expense of testing, while adding more value and features. With the launch of GK+ meter and the HIPAA-compliant MyMojoHealth, their platform now provides real time data for patient monitoring and compliance, resulting in better health outcomes. 

Tomas Duraj, M.D., Ph.D

Tomas Duraj
Dr. Duraj  is a medical doctor of Czech-Austrian origin, receiving his Medical Degree from the Rey Juan Carlos University and his Ph.D. in Translational Medicine from the CEU San Pablo University. His scientific research has focused mainly on studying the potential of bioenergetic modulation and cancer metabolism, with special emphasis on glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal primary brain tumor. After developing cancer research at the team of Dr. Ayuso Sacido in Madrid, he joined Dr. Seyfried laboratory at Boston College. In his clinical practice, he specializes in health optimization through nutritional and lifestyle interventions for diseases with a metabolic root cause or therapeutic approach: cancer, insulin resistance and diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and longevity. Throughout his research career, he has authored original, peer-reviewed scientific publications and lectured on cancer and primary prevention in podcasts and popular-science editorials. His goal is to advance our understanding of metabolic therapy on a rigorous, evidence-based background, making it a part of the standard oncology toolkit so that all patients can benefit.

Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr. Dan Pompa
Dr. Daniel Pompa is a respected leader in the health and wellness space, educating practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation-driven disease, the therapeutic applications of diet variation, fasting, cellular healing, and detoxification. Although trained as a chiropractor, his authority is rooted in his own battle, having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning using his own unique cellular detoxification strategies. Dr. Pompa’s journey back to health continued to lead him to a voracious passion to research and learn beyond what is often readily understood. A relentless self-experimenter, Dr. Pompa has a passion for healing others. He’s a true warrior of his own ‘from pain to purpose… to promise’ mindset, and he speaks about removing the cause of toxicity and inflammation, going upstream, and following a multi-therapeutic approach to achieve healing. You can find Dr. Pompa at and on the weekly Cellular Healing TV podcast. Dr. Pompa and his wife, Merily live in Park City, Utah with their 3 dogs and 2 cats. Their 5 grown children all professionally fulfill the Pompa purpose (and promise) as well.

Catharine Arnston

Catharine Arnston
Catharine Arnston is the Founder/CEO/Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits® and expert in algae for wellness, nutrition, beauty, biohacking, mitochondria and longevity. She is a nationally recognized thought-leader, seasoned corporate executive, experienced entrepreneur and sought-after speaker. Catharine has an MBA, BA and is a Board-Certified Health Coach. Catharine's journey into the fascinating world of algae began in 2008 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would improve her healing. Catharine left her 25-year corporate career to help her sister identify which foods were alkaline which led her to discovering algae - the most alkaline, chlorophyll-rich, high-protein, nutrient-dense food in the world. When Catharine learned that algae's vast healing properties were documented in tens of thousands of scientific studies but that none of these studies or algae’s benefits were known outside of Asia, she knew she needed to do something. And so ENERGYbits® was born.

Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz, a science journalist, is author of the New York Times bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise, which upended the conventional wisdom on dietary fat–especially saturated fat—and spurred a new conversation about whether these fats in fact cause heart disease. Nina is also the founder of the Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit working to ensure that nutrition policies are transparent, evidence-based—work for which she’s been asked to testify before the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Senate. Teicholz is a graduate of Stanford and Oxford Universities and previously served as associate director of the Center for Globalization and Sustainable Development at Columbia University. Teicholz lives in New York city with her husband and two sons.

Maggie & Brad Jones

Maggie and Brad's life changed when, the month she turned 40, Maggie was diagnosed with terminal cancer and received a prognosis of less than a year. She's been cancer free for three years now and has dedicated her life to sharing the evidence-based treatments that so dramatically improved her survival and quality of life. She and her filmmaker husband are the force behind a docuseries featuring some of the leading scientists and practitioners on the metabolic theory of cancer and associated therapies. CANCER/EVOLUTION will premiere this year.

Kristina Hess, MS, CNS, LDN

Kristina Hess
Kristina is a premier health coach and licensed dietitian-nutritionist with a functional and integrative approach. Kristina is especially passionate about a clean, cyclical ketogenic approach to treat inflammation and restore metabolic health. She utilizes nutrigenomics data and other lab tests to personalize your nutrition plan, and then incorporates EFT, Mindful Eating, the Tiny Habits method and Heartmath to improve your psychology & behavior around food. Kristina has a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health from MUIH, she is the host and founder of Keto Symposium, the 1st low carb conference in New York. Learn more about Kristina here.

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