November 20, 2019

The key to fixing your "broken" metabolism.

One of my favorite parts about nutrition science is also what many find so frustrating: constantly evolving and new information. I love to geek out and listen to podcasts and read nutrition studies. I find that it's both important to have a philosophy but also to constantly question it. This requires ongoing study and having an open-mind.
One of the most recent advancements in the nutrition space has been the realization of the role gut health plays in obesity. One story that stands out from a case report in 2015 tells a cautionary tale of a woman who gained 30lbs after a fecal transplant with poop provided by her overweight daughter. This woman needed the poop transplant to treat a nasty bacteria called clostridia. 
Without getting technical, the bacteria in your gut plays a pretty significant role on your metabolism and even sends messages to your brain about which foods to eat.

Here's why I bring it up:
One of the speakers coming to the Keto Symposium is Mike Mutzel. Mike is a biologist who has an awesome podcast called, "High Intensity Health" and he released an incredibly helpful book back in 2014 called the Belly Fat Effect. 
Mike gathered up all the research on the role your gut health plays into your weight and came up with solutions to finally help you break through the toughest of barriers. In fact, his nickname is "Metabolic Mike."
He will break down the role your gut health plays with your weight and overall health in easy to understand terms and will give you a handful a solutions that will help you repair your gut health and "broken metabolism" so you can finally reap the rewards of all your hard work! Specifically, Mike will elaborate on the role of exercising, fasting, and autophagy (the process of replacing damaged cells with new, healthy ones) so you can be even more awesome!
Not only will this info help you shed those extra pounds that just won’t budge, but it can also aid in the prevention of metabolic diseases (which, as Dr. Seyfried concludes, could include cancer). 
Now, time for the bad news: The Keto Symposium doesn’t happen until May.

You can find more about Mike, the other speakers at the event, and buy your tickets using the link below:
Hope to see you there! 

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