November 25, 2019

Is eating organic worth it?

If you care about your health, a common question that comes up is this:
Is buying organic food worth it? 
On one hand, organic food is more expensive. 
But, there are many benefits to choosing organic food such as: 
* Better taste 
* More nutrients 
* Less pesticides 
* More ethical farming practices which are better for the environment 
* GMO-free 
* Supports local farmers and businesses 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “That all sounds fine and dandy, Kristina, but is it really worth the extra cash?” And, I’ll be honest – it depends. 

If it fits in your budget, I totally recommend buying organic. But I also realize that might not be feasible to always buy organic food.  As a former vegetarian who cares about ethical farming practices and the environment, I try to buy organic, certified humane, wild caught fish, pasture raised meat and eggs almost 100% of the time. It's one of the places where I choose to spend my money. One of the very best places to shop around Fairfield County is Mike's Organic. If you don't know about Mike’s Organic, you need to check them out. The store is based on the Old Greenwich and Stamford border (Fairfield Ave off of Exit 6) and they also deliver!

Mike himself works with a handful of local farmers so he can answer all your burning questions about organic food, CSAs, what the benefits are of each of his products which he hand picks with care. This guy is VERY passionate about his work! Mike carries items for pets too. I even bought some high grade CBD oil for my dogs, Kismet & Moxie.

I am very pleased to announce that Mike’s Organic Delivery is a vendor at the Keto Symposium happening in May. Mike will be there because he has the best meats, produce and unique products in his store that are friendly to a grain-free, low carb lifestyle.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet for Keto Symposium, there’s still time to buy them with our Early Bird pricing! You save $30 if you grab your tickets before the price rises to General Admission on December 1st. 
Not only will Mike be there with a handful of his favorite organic foods to sample, but we also booked some of the top nutrition experts to speak, and you get to hang out with other like-minded people all day 🙂 

You can learn more about Keto Symposium and buy your Early Bird tickets using the link below:
To your health and success,

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