November 18, 2019

Do you have to give up drinking to be successful with Keto?

One of the hardest things about changing to the keto lifestyle is giving up the things you love to do. But is giving up drinking necessary to benefit from keto? If I’m being honest, you’ll get the most benefit by not drinking when you transition into a keto lifestyle...But I also realize that sometimes you just want to enjoy a drink, especially on Football Sunday if you’re a big football fan. 

Here’s why I bring it up:

One of the speakers at the Keto Symposium is Maria Emmerich. She’s coached thousands of people to live a healthier life, has written several keto cookbooks, and focuses on how going keto can improve mental health (which is desperately needed in today’s world, if you ask me). 
One of her most popular books is The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse. It’s loaded with tasty recipes that not only makes sure you’re doing keto properly, but also makes sure you’re not starving the whole time...and it even comes complete with shopping lists. So I was checking out some of the Amazon reviews for her book and one stood out in particular: 
“I am on Day 16 of the cleanse and have lost over 7 lbs. I stalled myself twice by having alcohol two different times. My own fault! The book says not to drink - but Football Sunday! :-)” 
Don’t take this the wrong way – it’s best to not drink at all. But if you have to have a drink on Football Sunday (or ladies night out, client meeting, whatever), Maria’s book will still help you achieve some of the goals you want.

Maria has traveled all over the world to speak at events like the Keto Symposium and help people with their keto journey – whether they’re brand new, have fallen off the wagon, or are just looking for the latest tips to stay motivated. 
And, if you want a chance to meet Maria, she’s going to host a small, private VIP dinner after Keto Symposium. There are only 30 spots so if you don't want to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mingle with her for several hours, then get your ticket soon. 
If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle from some of the leading voices in keto right now or just want to hang out with like-minded people who geek out on nutrition (like I do), I’d love for you to join us at the Keto Symposium on May 2, 2020.

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